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User signals are vital for your SEO campaign. Keep in mind that the core business of Google hinges on its user loyalty. To improve its product, it monitors and measures its users’ happiness. Thus, user signals can be a great factor when tackling your campaign. In our school for SEO, we will teach you how to boost user signals. 

School for SEO in Boosting User Engagement

User engagement is vital to your success. Without searchers visiting your site and taking action, your site’s rank in the SERP will drop. To improve your user engagement, here are some tricks you can use. 

School for SEO

Speed Up Your Site

Having a landing page that is too slow to load will kill your ranking. Your visitors are less likely to purchase something from you. When they leave, they will find your competitors with a faster loading site. 

Slow speed will only take your users’ time. But if you manage to speed it up, your users are willing to stay and search around.

Fix Technical SEO Errors 

Technical issues can be disruptive and they can negatively affect your user’s experience. One of the most annoying things, when you visit a site, is when you click a link hoping that it will give you an answer. 

But when you click it, you are given a 404 page. What’s more annoying is that the site does not redirect you to an appropriate page or publish updated content. 

When your users experienced it, they would leave and find another site to give the result. You will not only lose traffic here but you also lose money in the long run if you do not fix it. 

Offer Helpful Content 

Your users are looking for help. That’s why when they land on your page, make sure that you serve them helpful, useful content. It must be content that answers their questions. 

When creating content, make sure that it helps your audience perform their job better or answer their questions. If you do it this way, your site will soon be the go-to destination for these people. 

Have a Clean Design 

Your business may have started small. However, as you grow, your website may also need some tweaking. In that case, you need to check your site design and navigation. Make sure that they are still providing the best user experience. If not, you must clean them. 

If your grandmother struggles to figure out what to do and where to go when she lands on your site, then it is time for you to tweak it. When you tweak it, make sure that you are making it simpler to navigate. 

Provide a Chatbot

It allows your users to talk to a real person. If you are not around, you can create automated scripts to answer top questions on your site. In that way, your visitors will feel that you are giving them personalized treatment. These are just some of the tweaks you can perform to boost your user engagement. When you enroll in our school for SEO, you will find other ways that can enhance engagement in your site. Call us today to inquire about our online courses: (877) 503-8231.