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SEO Academy’s school for SEO that encourages white hat techniques. But with so many SEO companies today promising website owners that they can boost their rankings, does white hat SEO still matter? 

School for SEO on White Hat SEO in the Past

SEO before was all about exploiting Google’s webmaster guidelines. Webmasters had to pay links just to increase their site’s rankings. 

Paid links were used to be a white hat technique until Google started to punish sites that utilize it. SEO experts who utilized this tactic defended paid links stating that they are a form of advertisement. They argued that Google itself was selling paid links. But Google cracked those links down. 

school for seo

As a result, the white hat industry eliminated paid links as a technique. Google stated in 2009 that it was no longer recommending link ads or link buying. The search engine giant believed that paid links do not offer long-term value for SEO campaigns. 

For many SEO experts, it was not about buying links that made the practice dangerous. Rather, it was about the low-quality links that people purchased. 

What is White Hat SEO Now 

White hat SEO means that it is following the guidelines of Google and other search engine tools. Google, itself, provides guidelines to ensure that publishers understand what it wants the publishers to do and what not to do. 

Those who do not follow Google’s guidelines are considered black hat SEOs. But they are not hackers. They do not violate any laws. But they only violate Google’s guidelines. 

Some of our students asked if black hats can still generate value to the websites. These black hat SEOs know how to provide value. Some of the SEOs of the many Fortune 500 companies are former spammers. They know a lot about SEO so they know how to generate value to their clients’ website. 

Then again, they still violate Google’s guidelines. Doing so will lower the site’s ranking that they are managing. 

White hat SEO is just a marketing factor, and not an ethical one. Unfortunately, some white hat SEO companies now are still using black hat practices. That’s why it is always ideal that you check the company’s reputation first before you even consider hiring them. 

On the other hand, if you wish to implement white hat SEO tactics to your site, make sure to enroll in one of our SEO online courses. Our school for SEO will teach you the SEO secrets, ways to improve your business and learn sales techniques. 

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