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Having a website will help increase your business’ visibility. However, to reach more potential clients and customers, you must follow SEO best practices. Our SEO Academy is here to provide you with online SEO courses that will teach you those practices so your site will rank higher for search terms that are related to your products and services. 

Indeed, there are 200 ranking factors that Google utilize when determining where your site will appear in search. But these factors change constantly, making it more challenging to rank for certain search terms. 

Here are some ranking factors that you must consider when optimizing your website. 

SEO Academy Recommends Improving Mobile Page Speed 

Google considers page speed as an official ranking factor. That said, take it seriously if you wish people to visit your site. 

At SEO Academy, we will teach you how to use Google’s page speed tool. It is not a comprehensive tool. However, it will help you get started in finding out where you need to optimize. 

Our instructors will teach you what tools to boost page speed. For instance, you may use a compressing image tool and cache. 

seo academy


Another thing that Google takes into account is the security of the site. If your site does not use HTTPS, then it might affect your overall ranking. In 2018, the search engine giant announced that it would begin notifying users that the site does not have HTTP. It may drive the customers away from your site. 

Migrate to HTTPS today. It is especially true if you are an e-commerce seller. You should also integrate HTTPS to your site if you accept credit card payments. Check out our online courses today to help you understand how vital HTTPS is and how you can add it to your site. 

Internal Links 

You need to link to a page within your own. Unfortunately, most websites now have poor internal linking tactics. But they can easily fix this issue. 

Our online SEO courses will teach you how to fix broken links. These links connect a certain page of your site to another page that no longer exists. 

We will also help you remove spammy links or too many links. They look spammy. The more links the page has, the less value that each of the links passes on. 

Nofollow tags are also vital in internal linking. But you must know how to make them more useful. 

What More Can You Learn

SEO Academy does not just offer these topics but we also provide you advanced Internet marketing strategies that will work effectively. Our SEO online courses are designed to help you learn SEO at your own pace. You will learn how to best use SEO to boost your site’s ranking and increase online sales. These online courses are created by the best experts in this industry. 

You can take the courses at your own pace and time. Once you complete the course, you will receive a certification that you can show to your potential clients. Get in touch with us today to know more about how SEO Academy can teach you the best SEO practices: (877) 503-8231.