Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wondered how Google magically shows the first websites that appear and satisfies your search needs? The answer to that is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the most plausible way to burgeoning businesses in this compelling and competitive digital age that we live in right now. Probably, you are thinking, “Search Engine Optimization sounds intimidating for a beginner like me,” but basically it is just optimizing your search results. It only takes a lot of hard work but who gets genuinely fruitful without hard work, anyway?


Search Engine Optimization in a Nutshell

For starters, let us first define what Search Engine Optimization or SEO is. Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the traffic of your website through free (or “organic”) search results. SEO uses keywords to grab the attention of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It is just like convincing and appealing your customers to come into your store and check out your products; it’s just that it is done online.

Keywords are the main elements of search engine optimization. Keywords increase the traffic for the website and churn high-level results. However, keep in mind that there is competition for various keywords. What you might want to employ are optimal keywords and a specific keyword density or the number of times your keywords must appear in the article. However, concentrate on the content because it is not always the keywords that matter. Optimal keywords are only for secondary purposes. What matters the most is to write for people, not for the search engines. After all, it is the people who will benefit from your website.


The Goal of SEO

Why is Search Engine Optimization so important? Here is why:

Without search engine optimization, you would not be able to find the best top sites for your search. It is the same way as much as visitors would not find your website. SEO’s fundamental purpose of putting your website on top of the search list to attract visitors. I mean, no one wants to search all the way to page 99 only to find the best site, right? (Unless you really DO want to do that.)

Let’s put it this way: Well, it is not appealing to recommend that you are selling apples that grew from a random tree. With proper search engine optimization, Google will then aim to tell the visitors that you are a great resource of top-quality apples. Meaning, the quality of your site is more impeccable than the others. Google will rank your site on top of the results as a way to “endorse” your website as the best there is for your search.


An SEO Expert for You

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