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Here at SEO Academy, we strive to offer our clients the most updated SEO online courses they can get. We do not just teach those basics of SEO but we work hard to provide you the knowledge you need to further improve your search engine optimization through advanced tricks. 

And since Google emphasized so much about mobile searches, some of you are wondering whether those SEO tricks are applicable for mobile apps. 

Google’s update about being mobile-friendly has affected mobile searches in several ways. With such update, websites are not the only ones appearing on mobile searches. Apps, too, are showing up in SERP results. What’s more interesting is that they include an install button. 

And that opens a lot of opportunities for more app installation. Now, if you have a mobile app, you might be wondering how you can make it appear in SERP. 

seo online courses

Just like a website, some factors can affect how Google ranks your mobile app. Appearing in search results is not only vital to obtain new users but also to retarget your existing clients. In that case, when you implement some SEO tricks on your mobile apps, you can encourage your past users to return to your app. 

Furthermore, some users discover mobile apps through search engine results. That said, if you have not implemented SEO on your mobile app, you are losing a significant percentage of the potential traffic. 

For that reason, mobile app owners must invest in SEO. How? 


They remain vital in mobile apps. Use Google’s Keyword Planner in finding the right keywords for your mobile app. Then, use them in your title and description. 


Encourage your users to review your mobile app. But you can only get good reviews if your app is great. That’s why you need to improve your app first before asking your users to review your app and leave a positive rating. 


SEO strategy always includes backlinks. You can add a link to your download from your official website. Then, ask some bloggers to talk about your app. The more high-quality links you have, the better your ranking will be. 

In other words, the SEO you can implement on your website can also be used on your mobile apps. And our SEO online courses will help you. 

Some of our clients are not new to SEO. They know the basics of SEO. They understand how it affects their websites and mobile apps. But they are just clueless about how they can implement SEO tricks to their website. 

They find our SEO online courses to be beneficial in every way to boost their site’s ranking. 

At SEO Academy, we offer different SEO online courses. You can start with the basic concepts. You will learn how the Internet search giant views your site and ranks it. The information you learn here will help you better understand SEO and perform some techniques to make your site relevant to your audience. 

To know more about how our online SEO courses can help your site and your mobile apps, please contact us at (877) 503-8231