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When you learn SEO from SEO Academy, you will know how to choose the right domain name for your website. But does the domain name affect your SEO effort? Does Google consider it a search ranking? 

In 2012, Google made changes that affected the world of domain names. The company got tired of companies that tried to improve their ranking by featuring an exact match domain (EMD). 

This type of domain uses the keyword phrase that the website is trying to target. For example, if you are targeting the keyword phrase “weight loss methods,” you would consider buying weightlossmethods.com. 

Before, when you choose that route, you could easily rank for that keyword. But Google did not like it. The majority of websites before had that type of domain name. Unfortunately, most of these websites do not have any useful content for their audience. 

Google was not a big fan of this trick so it dropped the domain value. 

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But should you not consider it? 

Despite Google’s dropping domain name’s value, the domain name can still contribute to your ranking. 

For instance, it can still send the right signals to the search engines, thereby, obtaining higher clickthrough rates. When you use a domain name with a long-tail keyword, you need to mention your business domain name on your website to boost your branding efforts. 

Branding is vital in your SEO efforts. It makes sense to focus on your brand in SEO instead of inserting a keyword in the domain name. People will remember it easily, making it stand out from the competition. 

You must also choose a short domain name. 

Another concern is the use of multiple domain names for the same site. When it comes to branding, it does not have any effect. 

However, with digital marketing, it may significantly affect. But use it wisely. For example, if you have a project on your site that requires promoting it separated, then having a second domain make sense. In that way, it gets traffic directly to the right page. 

How to Find SEO-friendly URLs

This topic is also discussed when you learn SEO through our online SEO courses here at SEO Academy. 

When thinking of URL, make sure to get rid of function words, such as “the,” “a”, “of” and several others. These words do not have any value to your URL. You should also get rid of verbs. 

Even though the length of the URL does not affect search engine ranking, make sure to keep it short. Google does not say whether or not it likes lengthy URLs. 

However, shorter URLs are easier to remember. Your audience can easily type it on their browser’s URL address. In other words, it is not important for Google but it is vital for the users. Since Google’s updates focused on the users, you must opt for shorter URL address, if possible. 

Unfortunately, there is no one way to create the most effective domain name. It still depends on your website and its goals.

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