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Backlinks remain a vital part in search engine optimization. For that reason, they are typically included in all SEO online courses. Natural backlinks are some of the keys to helping you rank well in the search engine. To get those backlinks, you need to produce attractive content that encourages people to link to it. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds. Remember that there are countless pieces of content that are hidden from targeted eyes. One of the reasons is that they are not distributed strategically.

Gaining Backlinks Featured in Our SEO Online Courses

1. Provide Value to Audience

Do not just ask for links. You must first create an extremely relevant content before reaching out to industry professionals. You will not only get backlinks but also word-of-mouth marketing. Any backlink that adds actual value is categorized as natural. If you reach out to people who are interested in distributing your content, then you are building natural links.

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2. Make Content Purposeful

Before drafting a content, make sure that the topic is something that people want to republish or link back to it. In that case, you must avoid recycling similar old topics. Rather, you must make sure that each time you post a topic, it has to be new and useful. Visit sites that cater to your target audience and look at the types of content they publish. In that way, you can create content that is likely to be featured in those sites.

3. Create Better Content

It requires you to research a highly useful topic that gets several backlinks. Then, develop your content from that topic but make something better. If the topic is relevant, people will not mind considering your point of view. You have probably heard of this technique — Skyscraper. This strategy requires that you find a popular post online. Then, create a post similar to it but make it even better. For instance, if someone else talks about 5 tips to improve skin complexion, create a topic that gives the audience 15 tips to enhance skin complexion.  From there, you can reach out to the right people so you can improve your results. If your content is highly relevant and useful, people will link back to it. However, it can take a lot of time for them to discover your content. That’s why it is vital to reach out to the right people in the industry and present them your topic.

4. Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing is still a useful strategy in boosting your site’s ranking and visitors. But you need to use the right influencers in your industry. Once you find them, collaborate with them. One way to work with them is through interviews. Influencers love to be featured on various websites. However, doing an interview may take a lot of time and extensive research. Then again, it is an effective way to get highly linkable post.

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