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Many of our students at SEO Academy, a school for SEO, are wondering why their SEO efforts are not producing good ROI. It is frustrating. But there are reasons they are experiencing it. 

Optimizing your website for the search engine is a good way to boost traffic and get ROI. However, it must be done properly. If you do it well, it can give you a steady stream of traffic that you can convert into clients. 

What’s more, is that it works even if you are sleeping. It is not like PPC ads that will stop its magic when you cease paying for it. However, if your SEO is not giving you the ROI that you want, then there could be several reasons for it. 

school for seo

Your Content Sucks 

We hate to say it but most of the non-performing websites have content or posts with no value to their audience. If this is the reason you are not getting ROI, then you need to improve your content. 

One way to improve your content is to make sure that it answers user search intent. Keep in mind that not all queries are looking for information. Some of them simply want navigation while others want to purchase or make a transaction.

You need to identify the intent of the keywords you want to use. Then, use the intent to create your content. If you have a lot of bad content on your website, then expect to get low ranking. 

It is pointless to publish a new post each day if you are not offering value to your audience. It is better to publish new content once a week but such content directly answers the user’s inquiry or that it adds value to the reader. 

Your Budget is Too Low 

Sadly, you need to invest more if you wish to get a great ROI. However, it is vital to remember that you will not get faster results if you spend more. You need to work with a credible SEO agency to help you out in getting good results. 

The prices of hiring an SEO can vary depending on your niche and the scope of the project. But if your budget is below $500, do not expect enormous results. As you increase your budget and adjust your expectations, you can expect great rewards to your SEO efforts. 

You Have Tight Competition 

Your competitors are also doing SEO. But, compared to you, they are doing it right. They hire the best SEO agency and have an enormous budget. 

However, it does not mean that you cannot outpace them if you have a tight budget. As long as you implement the right tactics that you can learn from our school for SEO, your site will be in good hands. 

Keep in mind though that the changes you make today to your website will not immediately give you results. It may take time for you to get a good ROI. 

To know more about how our school for SEO can help in helping you produce great ROI, enroll in our online courses. Or contact us today for a consultation: (877) 503-8231