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Building links is a vital aspect of any search engine optimization campaign. And it is one of the topics we discuss in our SEO online courses here in our academy. 

No matter how vital building links is, you must do it properly. Else, your site may receive a manual link penalty. Keep in mind that some websites will still get a penalty even if they did not have any link building campaign. 

Google ignores spammy links. True. You may disavow them. However, in some recent reports, some websites have gotten a manual penalty for some old links. They are of poor quality, allowing Google to discount them. 

SEO Online Courses to Remove Bad Links

To stop a manual penalty from a bad backlink, you need to find these links first. You may use free and paid tools to do this job for you. One of the many ways to do it is to use Google Search Console. It is a free tool of Google and it lists all sites that link to yours. 

These links will assist your SEO campaign. However, some sites cannot be trusted and will harm your SEO efforts. When you evaluate these links, you should ask yourself the kind of websites they are. If they are of low quality, then they are bad for your site. 

If the link improves your business, then keep them. Get rid of those links if you do not wish to be associated with the business your links come from. 

seo online courses

When removing bad backlinks, you need a list of webpages that you wish to eliminate. Google Search Console has a disavow tool that you can use to remove your site from those bad backlinks. Although it takes several days for the links to be gone, it is the right thing to do so your site appears authoritative and trustworthy again by search engines. 

How to Know that You Get Penalized 

If you think that Google penalized your site for spammy behavior, you should consider searching for your site on Google. The results will show you what is being indexed on your site. 

Then, analyze your traffic metrics, like the volume and sources. If traffic remains the same, then that is good. However, if it is showing sudden drop-offs, then it indicates that your site got a penalty from Google.

Getting penalized is bad for your website and your business. If you wish to improve your online visibility, then you should start cleaning up your website. Of course, it is not that easy. If you need guidance, then opt to sign up with one of the online courses that we offer here at SEO Academy. 

You can learn how to remove bad links at your own pace. As you implement the tactics we provide, we are confident that your site’s traffic will improve and you get more leads. Our courses offer important SEO, SEM and digital marketing strategies that work. The courses start at $99 a month. For questions about online SEO online courses, please call  (877) 503-8231.