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At SEO Academy, we only offer premium SEO online courses that we update regularly based on the changes happening in the industry. Our SEO experts and professionals who made the courses are constantly on the lookout for fresh details about search engine optimization techniques. Then, they integrate those new pieces of information into our courses. 


And when people talk about search engine optimization, they typically think of “content.” In our SEO online courses, you will have access to our Content Marketing Mastery course that will help you better understand whether or not content remains the king in 2019 and beyond. 

seo online courses

Why People Doubt About Content’s Role in SEO 

One of the many reasons businesses are doubting the important role of content in search engine optimization is the algorithm that is changing regularly. Google stated that it made more than 3,000 changes to its algorithm in 2018 alone. 


Indeed, businesses must consider the changes and implement them in their campaigns. The shifting landscape makes the competition fair and square. It allows small businesses to compete effectively with large brands. 


But how relevant content is in 2019? It depends. Anyone can make content now. A person who does not have any knowledge about a topic can make content and publish it online. 


However, only a few individuals can write stellar content. This is what matters most. Thus, the content will remain the king of search engine optimization only if it is exemplary. 


If you write and publish mediocre posts, no one will read it. And if no one likes your post, it will reflect on your bounce rate. 

High bounce rate means that your visitors did not have a positive experience when visiting your website. And Google will notice it. 

In that case, you must always write useful content, not just create any content. If you write standard content, you are only spamming the Internet, which can do more harm than good to your ranking. 

We, at SEO Academy, believe that it is more useful to your ranking if you write a few excellent posts per month than to publish hundreds of low-quality articles each month. 

What Type of Content to Publish 

Text-based content is the easiest way to go. However, it must be integrated with images and videos. But you must diversify the type of content you publish on your site. 

For instance, you can publish how-to videos. These videos could be about how to use your product in cases that your customers will not expect. They are useful videos and they have the opportunity to go viral. 

And of course, you need to promote your content by distributing it on your social media accounts. Keep in mind that some people utilize social media to obtain information about a product/service. Leverage it to increase traffic to your site. 

How to Create Stellar Content 

You will discover the most effective way to create stellar content for all stages of the marketing funnel through our Content Marketing Mastery Course. This course is available today at $99 a month. 


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