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One of the things that you will learn when you enroll in our SEO online courses is how to link audits. But you may be wondering whether or not such activity is necessary? 

SEO Online Courses on How to Properly Audit Your Links 

It is vital to invest in a link audit. However, if you have not done shady SEO in the past, then link auditing may not be necessary. 

Link auditing is vital for toxic links. When handling them, you should get rid of them the same way you get rid of insects. That is, eliminate some while you learn to live with the ones you cannot get rid of. 

The truth is that you cannot remove every bad link to your site. However, you can take advantage of them. Identify those bad links and remove them as many as you can. Then, those remaining links must be used to help you build a better reputation online. 

seo online courses

Link audits are typically necessary for old sites. These sites might have used black-hat SEO techniques that included buying of links. 

One of the links you must get rid of is a set of links from sites with security flaws. You do not want those sites linking back to your site. The reason for this is that your visitors may not trust your site because of your association with the hacked site. 

Link farming was used excessively before. If you have backlinks from private blog networks, you should disavow them. Although some of these networks are high-quality, like the Huffington Post, many of these networks cannot be trusted or they are not related to your website. In that case, make sure to disavow them. 

Monitor your links 

When you need to identify your backlinks, make sure to monitor them. You may use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to help you identify them. Once you have identified those backlinks, analyze each link based on its domain authority. The lower its domain authority is, the more likely the link is toxic. 

You should also get rid of links with a high spam score. If the site has a high spam score of 8, then it indicates that the site is spammy. Thus, it gives a toxic backlink. 

But do not just analyze the site based on the numbers. Make sure that you take a closer look at the blog itself. It may have a high domain authority but it may be linking to other sources causing toxic links. 

You may use disavow links provided by Google. Or you may contact the toxic website personally. Many websites have contact information that you can use to communicate with the site owner. 

Send the site owner a polite letter to help remove your link. But never state that the site is toxic. Simply state that the link or the site does not fit well with your company or brand. 

Link auditing can be tough and it is time-consuming. When you enroll in our SEO online courses, we will teach you the proper way to build links that are safe for future search engine algorithm changes. Talk to us at (877) 503-8231