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Users are not the only ones who care about your page speed. Search engines, too, are considering it as a ranking factor. When you learn SEO through SEO Academy, you will also know the other ranking factors, besides page speed that can affect your overall ranking. 

Learn SEO: Why Page Speed is Vital 

Page speed is vital to SEO. When people visit your site, they expect answers from their inquiries. But they do not have time to waste as they wait for your page to load. 

Apart from a good design, Google wants every website to offer the best user experience by providing the answer as fast as possible. If the visitors are not happy when they visit your site, it would reflect on your bounce rate. 

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Evaluating Page Speed 

It is easy to evaluate your page speed. Thanks to the many tools that focus on assisting webmasters in establishing the true speed of their websites. 

You may use the free tool of Google, which is Page Speed Insights. This tool will tell you the true speed of your site. It will also provide issues that your site is facing. 

At SEO Academy, we have online courses that can help in optimizing your page speed. But you must first identify the issues of your page speed. 

Once identified, you must check the code’s efficiency. You should consider minifying the resources on your page. These would include CSS, JavaScript, and many others. 

You should clean the bloated code. This code could be from functionalities that your site is no longer using. No matter what it is, make sure that you have cleaner code on your site. In that way, your page will load faster. 

You may also need to enable file compression. 

Upgrading your hosting is another solution. You can opt to clean your code and compress your images. However, if your site’s hosting is the issue, your site will still load slowly. 

It is especially true if you have shared hosting. Keep in mind that sharing a server with millions of other sites can surely take a toll on your page speed. 

There are several million web hosts. When it comes to hosting, though, you will get what you pay for. It means that if you get a cheaper rate, expect to receive cheap service. 

In that case, consider getting a premium host. Having a dedicated service will surely improve your site’s loading speed. 

Activating browser caching may also help. In that way, each time they re-visit your site, your pages will load faster. But for first-time visitors, this method may not work. 

Another suggestion is to use a content distribution network (CDN). It is an easy way to increase your site’s loading speed. What it does is that it determines where your visitor is located. Then, it serves up your page’s resources from a server that is near them. 

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