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One of the questions asked by many website owners is if they should invest in link building in 2020. When you enroll in our SEO online courses, you will know the importance of backlinks and how to pursue them. 

SEO Online Courses Explain the Significance of Backlinks

Links remain the most vital part of your SEO campaign. Without those links, search engines do not know how to find new content. When it comes to Google, links indicate a ranking signal. 

Unfortunately, website owners now are so obsessed with getting some links from other sites. What they do not realize is that some backlinks are harmful to their site’s rankings. 

SEO Online Courses

In addition to Google Penalties or manual spam actions, Google also introduced Penguin. It is an algorithm that identifies sites linked from those low-quality websites. 

Google wants links to be based on merit, instead of paid or building schemes. When you disregard Google’s guidelines, your site is likely to get hit by a penalty. 

For that reason, it is ideal that you must actively pursue backlinks. However, you must only do so for conversions and not for gaining ranking. Google provides a Disavow tool that lets you disassociate from those harmful backlinks. 

Focus on Convertible Links

When you build links, do not focus on PageRank. Rather, focus on the links that can bring your traffic to your site. 

But you must avoid link penalties. You can do so by adhering to the search engines’ guidelines. For instance, you must avoid utilizing branded anchor text, like “Brand name,” or “” You may also apply the no-follow code on the link. 

Know Your Audience 

By knowing your audience, you will know what link placements to pursue and focus on. Explore any partnerships you can get. You should also create an awesome website. Then, ensure that you are defining conversion goals. 

What Link Schemes That Are Not Acceptable 

Purchasing links that pass PR is not acceptable. This strategy involves exchanging money for links. Posts containing some links may also be a link scheme that can impact your site’s ranking negatively. 

Another link scheme that used to be popular before is the link exchange. That is, you tell the site owner to link to your site so you could link your site to his. This is no longer effective today, unfortunately. 

Guest posting, too, can be harmful if you are not careful. When you guest post, make sure that you do not use a keyword-rich anchor text link. Doing so may only result in a penalty. 

As for the PPC ad links, they do not pass PR to the purchaser of the ad. Thus, it does not violate Google’s guidelines. Google suggests ways to prevent PR from passing. This would include telling your audience that the link is sponsored. You may add a related attribute to the <a> tag. There are many ways that your backlink campaign can negatively affect your site’s ranking. You must learn how to avoid them by enrolling in our SEO online courses. We will teach you the proper way to establish a link building campaign. Give us a call today to know more about our courses: (877) 503-8231.