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Google’s BERT is a huge update. Our SEO online courses will tackle this update to assist you in refreshing your site according to this latest guideline. Keep in mind that Google is not the only search engine that utilizes it. Bing revealed that it has been using it longer than Google. 

Unlike Google, Bing has been using BERT worldwide. It does so since April. It is just a year ahead of Google. Bing stated that implementing a deep learning model to search on a worldwide scale is expensive. However, it managed to implement it successfully through Azure cloud computing. 

SEO Online Courses Teaching the Latest Update 

The latest update is said to be the biggest alteration to Google’s search results. It is used by Google to interpret a query better. In that case, BERT will not necessarily play for all queries. But it does affect featured snippets and organic search results. 

Experts estimated that the use of BERT would require thousands of servers. But Bing managed to only use 2000+ Azure GPU. The switch leads to an 800x increase in improvement. 

seo online courses

But as an SEO specialist, how does it affect SEO? It is one of the many questions of many. You must know that BERT does not analyze the content on your page. Rather, it analyzes the search queries. In that case, there is not much you can do about optimizing your site for the said update. 

However, what we can tell you is to improve your efforts in producing quality, relevant content. Search engines are getting better, especially Google. They can understand natural language and decipher the actual meaning and context. As a result, it gets better at locating the pages that suit those queries. 

In that case, you must start updating your content. If you have thin content on your site, update it and make it more useful for your audience. Any poorly written content will not fit the bill. 

When you write content, make sure that you are creating content that answers the questions your visitors asked. You may also incorporate FAQ sections on your site. You should focus on keyword density and quality answers. 

To increase the chances of your page getting picked up by the latest update, you should mark up pages with How To and Q&A schema.

Since featured snippets are typically picked up by voice search results, BERT will impact voice search, too. 

Is It a Big Deal 

Yes, it is. In fact, Google calls this latest update its biggest leap in the past five years. Indeed, the purpose of BERT is to assist searchers. But it will surely affect how sites will be ranked in the search results page. 

To update your site and be picked by BERT, make sure that you only write useful, exceptional content. Our SEO online courses will teach you how to create quality content that your audience wants to read. You may also sign up for our best selling courses, like paid traffic course and social and community mastery. If you have more questions, please call us at (877) 503-8231.