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Google’s search engine undergoes frequent changes. To keep up with the changes, you need to update yourself. However, there are SEO tricks that can stand the test of time. And you can learn these tricks through our SEO online courses

One of the questions we receive from our students is the Nofollow attribute. In 2009, search optimizers tweaked their pages to adhere to nofollow attributes rule. Then, Google recently stated that such an attribute is no longer necessary. 

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As regards the Nofollow attribute, Google stated that such an attribute is no longer a directive. Rather, it will now be considered as a clue. 

seo online courses

History of NoFollow

It started in 2005. The goal of this attribute was to fight against link spam. If a bot encountered such a link, it would not pass equity. It would not consider going through it to know what the link is about. 

For that reason, nofollow showed up on blog comments, forums, and social media links. It became a way for the site owner to put a link but not recommending it. 

In a recent development, Google added two new attributes that you should consider inserting. 

First is the sponsored. Here, it will identify that the link is an ad or sponsor. It means that the publisher received compensation for that link. 

Another new attribute is UGC. It is inserted into reviews, comments and the like. 

Should You Change the NoFollow Attributes in Your Pages

There is no need to change it, though. However, it will not hurt you to do such a thing. 

The new attributes intended to prevent shady links. Wikipedia, for instance, is now adding those nofollow links. It is obsessed with PageRank and afraid of spammers. 

But are nofollow links worthless? Many of you may wonder. Although it does not have an SEO link value, it still provides referral traffic. When it is placed in a blog comment or forum, it can help in sending you a huge amount of traffic. And make sure to funnel the traffic down to conversions and leads. 

Search engines are using other factors, in addition to link juice. They are considering social signals, as well, even though Twitter and other social media offer nofollow links. 

The key here is to build your brand and do not mind the links. However, it is still safe to follow the rules of Google, in terms of linking to your site or other sites. And this is where our online courses become handy. 

Our SEO Academy will teach you not just the basics of linking but also the advanced techniques that can help in further boosting your site and building your brand. For more information about our SEO online courses, please contact (877) 503-8231