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You have probably read about H1 headings. Many SEO experts are advocating their usefulness in making sure your page will climb to the top according to the keyword you are targeting. However, as you learn SEO with our online courses, you will realize that such heading is not a critical element. 


Learn SEO with SEO Academy 

Our SEO Academy will teach you how to properly add H1 heading. It must be inserted on top of your page to tell the search engine what a page is about. 


Before, adding H1 was mandatory. During the early 2000s, search optimizers recommend inserting keywords in the H1 tag to ensure that the page would be competitive. 


Although the H1 tag is no longer a critical element, it is still a useful part of your page. 

learn seo

Multiple H1s 

One of the concerns of publishers is if they could use more than one H1 tag. According to Google, publishers can use as many H1s as necessary. But it also stated that they can omit the use of the H1 heading tag. 


In that case, your site or page will still rank with or without an H1 tag. Even if you use several H1 tags, your site will still rank perfectly, as long as you adhere to the rules of Google. 


Thus, the role of H1 is not that critical. This element can be used to create an outline of what your page is about. 


H1, per se, is an effective way of giving structure to your page. It allows users and search engines to understand the parts of a page. Thus, you must use this tag properly. 


And if you do not have headings on your page, you should not worry about it. Google may not need it to rank your page. 


Some web pages do not have H1 but they still rank well in the Google search results page. 


But remember though that H1 will make your page user-friendly. It allows your user to easily understand the content and read it well. Thus, even though Google does not consider it as a critical element, H1 is useful for your readers. 


It impacts the user experience. And this is the most important for Google. When you satisfy your users’ visit to your page, they are likely to revisit your site or look for other pages on your site. It means that they are likely to stay longer. And when they stay longer, it would lower the overall bounce rate of your site or page. 


And we all know that the bounce rate is also vital to Google. 


That said, continue using the H1 tag if you think that it would benefit your users or visitors. At SEO Academy, we will teach you how to use other headings that can assist your readers and the search engine bots. 


When making your site user-friendly, you should also focus on how to provide better content for your readers. And do not just focus on the search engine bots. Learn SEO basics and advanced techniques on how to properly serve your visitors. Enroll in our online courses or contact us today at (877) 503-8231