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Google just updated its developer documents to explain dynamic rendering. When you enroll in one of our SEO online courses, you will receive better insights on this topic. 

SEO Online Courses on Dynamic Rendering 

Developers may depend on JavaScript frameworks when handling the user interface. Although it is a great solution for humans when they visit a site through a browser, this method is not ideal for search engine bots that analyze content. 

The reason for this is that bots crawl cyberspace without graphic user interface. In other words, it cannot traditionally see a web page. Rather, these bots examine static HTML elements. Since sites that utilize JavaScript produce content on the fly, it does not use static HTML. In other words, the bots will only see JavaScript code, which the bots cannot index. 

The solution is to use dynamic rendering. In here, developers create static pages for bots to see and index them. But they put reasoning on the site. If the request comes from a bot, the site will give static content. If it is from a web browser, the site will serve Javascript content. 

seo online courses

Recently, Google updated its documents and stated that it does not treat dynamic rendering as cloaking. However, dynamic rendering should produce similar content. Google will only consider it as cloaking if it uses different content to crawlers and users.

The use of cloaking on your site violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It could affect rankings negatively, resulting in penalties. But if you used dynamic rendering properly, then you should not worry about violating the said guidelines. 

Keep in mind, though, that not all websites utilize dynamic rendering. The only sites that utilize it are those with JavaScript-generated content that changes rapidly. 

The Relevance of JavaScript for SEO 

JavaScript will only become relevant for SEO if it is used to load dynamically critical content. As mentioned earlier, bots should see all content on a page through JavaScript. If you could view the page source and the critical content, then JavaScript is no longer relevant to SEO in this manner. 

You must not block Google bots from seeing JavaScript. The reason for this is that the page will appear differently to the crawlers. Google may consider it as cloaking. Thus, the best approach here is to provide the crawlers with the resources they require to understand web pages in the same manner as users. 

SEO specialists do not make the JavaScript code. However, they should have a better understanding of how it works. This is one of the reasons we briefly tackle it in our SEO online courses. 

Why Opt for SEO Online Courses

If you wish to learn the basics and advanced SEO techniques, including dynamic rendering, then consider our online courses. You will learn how the search engines find your site. By knowing these things, you will know what to do to your site to make sure that it is relevant to your users and the search engines. 

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