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Google My Business is a vital SEO tool to improve search discovery. Unfortunately, not all businesses know how to use it properly. At SEO Academy, we will teach you the proper way to implement SEO. Then, we discuss the most important things related to SEO, including optimizing Google My Business listing. 

SEO Academy in Optimizing Google My Business 

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Create a Google My Business Profile

It is one of the first things to consider. Having your profile on GMB will ensure that your business will show up on various Google services, like Maps and Search. Without GMB, your SEO efforts will be more challenging. 

Enable Google to Display your Company Information 

To do so, you will have to check the box that allows the algorithms to scrape and pull your NAP data. NAP standards for the name, address, and phone number. Before you allow Google to present your company information, you should ensure that your NAP is correct. 

It is also ideal to list your business on various reputable directory sites, like Yelp and BBB. 

Include Description 

When writing a business description, make sure that you include relevant keywords. But keep the description below 750 characters. To make it easier to read it, use bullet points. They can help in summarizing what your business does. 

Upload Visual Content 

You should also consider uploading videos and images, as well as photos of some of your employees. But these photos should be candid. By adding visual content to your GMB, you are making it more eye-catching. People would want to click it. 

Verify Your Account 

Make sure that you have verified your GMB account after you have added it. In this way, no one will claim your business listing. Google will process your request for several days. This Internet search giant is strict about it because it simply wants to feature authentic companies. 

Ask Customers to Leave Reviews 

You may ask your current clients and customers if they could leave a review about your company. Make sure that their reviews will be added to your GMB profile. It will add social proof, which is vital for ranking algorithms. 

Reviews are vital for local SEO. Your Yelp and Google reviews will have a great impact on your rankings, even though these two are rivals. 

Google simply wants to provide its users with the best possible results. Thus, it looks at reviews from various websites and not just from Google. For local SEO, make sure that you get reviews from Yelp and Google. 

If you are still wondering how to optimize Google My Business Listing, get in touch with us. Our SEO Academy can guide through the process. When you enroll in one of our SEO online courses, you will further know the many ways to boost your GMB profile. 

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