Local SEO Expert

Does your Local SEO Expert have a proven track record? Getting proof of a track record is a little tricky since their old clients are probably not going to want their details spread around the Internet. Yet, you should expect to see some sort of proof that the company you are hiring has some experience. Be wary of testimonials and positive reviews because they can be faked.

If your SEO company has a hard time proving its top track record, then it may be a sign that the SEO company is not for you. Here are a few other signs that the SEO company you are interviewing are not right for your company.


They Have a Very Defined Definition of SEO

Ask a poor quality SEO expert about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and they will give you a textbook answer about keywords, backlinks, social media, analytics and so forth. A genuine expert will happily admit that none of that stuff matters without worrying they will lose your business. A lot of what supposed SEO experts say about backlinks, keywords, etc., are all wax on a race car.

The truth is that backlinks can help your search engine ranking, but how they help you, and why they are effective is going to depend on your business type, your website goals, your target audience, and what you intend to do with your viewers when they arrive.

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