why i need a seo training course to help my website

If you have your own website and you want to see it rise up through the search engine results, then it pays to take an SEO Training Course. At the very least it will expand your knowledge, and at the most, it will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to help improve your website’s performance on the major search engines. Here is how a training course may help your website.

SEO is Moving So Quickly

Part of the problem with SEO is that it moves so quickly and so quietly. The search engines are not releasing textbooks on how their latest update will completely shift the way websites work or function. They just keep going while we all scramble to catch up. It is problematic for those who cannot afford to pay massive agencies a suitcase full of cash to keep their websites on the top of Google’s search engine results.

SEO is Very Difficult to Understand

There is the simple side to SEO that clickbait articles are always writing about, but if you are getting serious about SEO, then you need to understand the technical side. Sadly, the technical side is very difficult to understand. It is rarely mentioned in online articles simply because you would need a textbook worth of content to explain it.

SEO is Very Easy to Get Wrong

As mentioned in the previous section, we are all scrambling to catch up with whatever the search engines are doing, and this leaves us open to making mistakes. Perhaps one of the most common mistakes is to follow the advice of other people online when they throw up numbers that they cannot prove. For example, websites love to quote figures on how popups keep customers and help customers engage, but they don’t mention how much popups damage SEO and how many people are scared away by pop-ups.

SEO Analytics Can Become Problematic

Carrying on from the previous paragraph about mistakes, some of the most common mistakes revolve around misunderstanding analytic numbers. This is because things happen on a website without any real reason, but analytics can make it appear like there is a reason for an unexpected event.

For example, you may post an article about your service, and suddenly you receive lots of page views from China. Your analytics make you believe that your article is the reason you got all that attention from China, so you post more content about your shoes. However, in reality, you got all that attention because your website was being security tested by Chinese bots.

Interpreting analytics is far more difficult than most people think because many times what you read should have no effect on your SEO strategy at all.

Get The Help You Need

A good SEO Training Course is going to help you build your SEO campaign and will help you maintain it. A good course will also give you the skills you need so that your SEO campaign may evolve in step with how the SEO industry is evolving as a whole. Take a look at what is on offer at SEO Academy and pick a course that suits your requirements.