Link Building

Google’s updates may give you the impression that link building is no longer necessary or not as vital as it was before. Some blogs stated that links no longer matter. Others even said that SEO marketing is dead. But they’re all wrong.You need to know the truth about links. If you don’t, and you’ll fall victim to one of those myths around the web, your site’s ranking will inevitably suffer. Before, when your site accumulated as many links as possible, your site could rank higher than others that didn’t follow the same tactic. That’s why a lot of site owners purchased thousands of links without having to peruse the quality of those links.


Today, however, those tactics are no longer effective. Google cracked them down by updating its algorithms. The Panda and Penguin were released, sites that practiced unethical linking were penalized. Other types of links also suffered, especially those links from article directories.As a result, many people made a conclusion that linking is no longer an effective SEO tactic. Even though some links are harmful, quality links are as vital as ever. According to Matt Cutts, Google hasn’t found a more reliable SEO element yet than links.However, Google isn’t focusing on links to help it decide what website will rank for what. That is, links will always be vital, but they’re significance will fluctuate. Apart from links, you also need to think about user engagement, traffic, social media presence, bounce rate, and others.


How to get valuable links?

Links aren’t created equal. That said, you should only gather links from sites that are relevant to your site. Google’s Hummingbird likes to group related keywords together. If you’re trying to rank for health supplements, you need to obtain links from health sites that also deal with those products. Apart from that, you also need to get links from authority sites with high PR. Even if they’re not related to your niche, they still get a lot of traffic so people will read them and may click your link. Guest blogging can give you quality links, but it’ll depend on the site. You need to guest blog on sites with high traffic but avoid those that are associated with spammy links. The best method to get links is to create compelling content on your site. In this way, site owners or bloggers will naturally link to your site.
In conclusion, links are vital, and it’s part of the ranking process. It’ll continue to be significant for the foreseeable future.
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