Conversion Optimization

Each time a person visits your site, you want him to perform a particular action. Every time a user performs the desired action, it’s considered a conversion. If he doesn’t, it’s probably time for you to tweak your website. In this post, we talk about some strategies that can improve your conversion optimization.


Test your copy

To have excellent copy-writing, you need to write in the second person. Your copy should be straight to the point. Plus, the formatting should be immaculate. When you tweet your copy, your conversion rate will move up to 115%.

However, you should avoid having a copy that offers too much or little information. Then, make sure that your copy is visually attractive. That is, it must include relevant images to capture their attention.


Give them a sense of urgency

Things that are hard to get seem more desirable to us. Think about the Black Friday Sales. You’ll usually have a bunch of cheap stuff at home that you didn’t need to purchase. That’s because you were attracted to the sense of scarcity. You can use this strategy to your own website design to ensure higher conversions.


One of the many ways to install scarcity is to mention how many of your visitors are also viewing the same product. Introduce to your customers to unbeatable deals that are time-sensitive and can only be redeemed on your website. Or you can use the time-sensitive price tag strategy that mentions the incredible price of a particular product for a short period.


To know more about how to implement scarcity, just look at how Amazon uses it for higher conversions. When you use this trick, make sure that the scarcity is authentic. Never lie to your visitors. If it’s fake, they’ll know. When that happens, your trustworthiness will be affected. So, it’s not worth it.

Conversion Optimization

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Use real-time surveys

If you want to find the weak parts of your website, you may need to gather accurate feedback from your visitors. One of the advantages of real-time surveys is that you can ask them for feedback at the moment when they are on your site, giving you more accurate feedback.


For example, if you want to know what makes your visitors abandon their shopping cart, you should include a relevant survey to ask them what factors would prevent them from checking out.


These conversion optimization hacks are a must-try for your own site. If you need help in improving your site’s conversions, call us today to help you get started: