seo online courses

Yes, you can take SEO online courses, but you have to be aware that even the top experts are not 100% sure how the Google search engine works. This is because Google uses AI (Artificial intelligence) that has been learning since 2014 when they introduced the Google Hummingbird update. This made it so that Google learns from big data (from user data), and has to balance the needs of the user, with the needs of its own shareholder, with the needs of the people running adverts on Google Ads. As a result, there is a lot of conflicting information out there, so you are going to need a reliable resource if you are going to take lessons in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What Do I Need In Order To Learn SEO?

You will need plenty of time because getting to grips with it all is very time-consuming, and you will also need the ability to sift your way through contradictory information. In many cases, what seems like it is logical and correct is actually very wrong.

You will also need a bit of online and website experience. You don’t need much but have no idea at all what some of the phrasings are all about, then you are probably going to have a rough time. A snippet of coding experience is also helpful, but that is more for knowing what not to do. The technical side of things can get very intense, but in most cases, even if you know the technical stuff, you never use it because it is dealt with by your web hosting company.

Free Vs. Paid SEO Online Courses

Both are pretty good and both have the same massive flaw. The flaw is that both are loaded with people claiming to be SEO gurus when they are in fact giving out old and very outdated information. We have reached a point in history where some very old SEO elements are engraved in stone in some people’s minds, and then things that actually matter like meta titles and meta descriptions are being passed off as meaningless.

No matter what type, of course, you choose, free or otherwise, you are going to have a hard time separating good information from bad information. If you are dedicated to SEO, then there is one thing that is going to make you feel a lot better. In the end, you are going to become an expert with the ability to differentiate good information from bad information. That is because you will actually try the things you learn and see for yourself if they work. Over time and with lots of testing, you will become an expert who is able to quickly dismiss bad advice.

Do You Need Help With Your SEO?

The problem with learning SEO on its own is that it only tells you part of the story. You also need a footing in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Internet marketing if you want to get ahead. Learning about SEO on its own is nice, but it is only one potential tool in your toolbox. If you are looking for SEO, SEM, and Internet marketing strategies that work in this day and age, then get in touch with SEO Academy for better SEO courses.