SEO Academy offers online courses that can help in increasing organic click-through rates. But do these rates affect your page rankings on Google? CTR may or may not affect Google search engine rankings. The truth is that no one really knows because Google failed to state it. Whether or not it affects ranking, you must still care.

What truly matters is the number of people who click on your listing and leave your site immediately. You must attract more visitors who will stick around and convert. According to Matt Cutts, formerly head of Google web spam team, it does not matter how many times your site shows up. The only thing that matters here is how often users click on your listing. Whether it is vital or not, it is your responsibility to improve your site’s CTR. At SEO Academy, we teach our students the correct strategies in increasing their site’s click-through rates on organic SERPs.

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1. Optimize Organic Quality Scores Pages

The only way to know which pages have low organic quality scores is to use Google search console. Download the query data and sort them. Identify the pages with below average CTR. Prioritize them.

2. Integrate Emotional Triggers

Your SEO keywords must have emotional triggers. Disgust, fear, and affirmation are just some of the emotions that can help in increasing conversion and click-through rates. Your competitors might have optimized their title tags. But you can have an edge by including emotional triggers to your title.

3. Improve Meta Descriptions

The majority of your SERP entry is your description meta tags. The description will explain to your potential visitors what to expect when they click your link. That’s why you need to optimize these meta tags to increase click-through rates. Think of your meta description as your elevator pitch to your potential clients. Hence, never allow it to go to waste.

Of course, these are not the only things you can do to improve your organic click-through rates. There are plenty more that can implement on your own website. At SEO Academy, we will cover everything to help you increase CTRs.

What You Will Learn?

Increasing CTRs is just one of the many things you can learn from attending our SEO online courses. Besides the basics, you will discover the best ways to optimize your site to boost user experience. SEO Expert, Danny Star, will give you the greatest techniques and tools that can help you in creating a site that provides an excellent user experience. Keep in mind that the techniques we will teach you are updated. It means that they are applicable in 2019 and beyond.

We always update ourselves on the latest Google algorithms and we will share them to our partners and students. As a student of our SEO online courses, you will get the first-hand experience on how to implement those techniques. Danny Star and his team of SEO experts will be with you throughout the process.

To start enrolling, make sure to contact our team at SEO Academy. We only have limited slots so avail them as soon as possible (877) 503-8231.