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SEO is an ideal solution for your lack of visitors on your website. But did you know that SEO must be incorporated into your web design? They must not be considered separate elements. Rather, they must work together to give you the conversion goals that you want to achieve. When you learn SEO with us, you can better understand how these two elements work together to achieve a common goal. 

Learn SEO to Know the Importance of SEO and Design 

Keywords are no longer the most vital part of SEO. You need to build rapport with the biggest search engine today. And to do that, you need more than just keywords. 

Learn SEO

Mobile First 

Google said that it indexes mobile sites first. When it rolled out a mobile-first program, many websites have been penalized or their rankings went down. 

To optimize your site for Google, you must spend time working on your mobile version. It must be responsive. your pictures must resize automatically according to the user’s screen. 


It means that when your visitors land on your site, they are looking for answers. If they cannot find what they are searching for, they will leave, pronto. It is a lost sale. For Google, it is called a bounce. 

Google’s algorithm is enhanced for users. It only wants users to have the best experience when they visit a site. When designing your site, it must be easy to navigate. In that way, your users can easily find what they are looking for. 

If you achieve that, they will spend more time on your site, engaging with your content and clicking on your internal links. These are some elements that Google loves. 

Having an intuitive design is a vital component of SEO. Google wants site owners to treat them like a regular customer. Give them what they want. If you are doing design and SEO correctly, it can result in an increase in rankings. 

Aim for Good Content 

Google likes to rank sites with intuitive content structure. It means that the pages are easy to follow. It must include keywords that are perfectly placed. And of course, the content must be on point. 

By building a cornerstone content that is relevant, you can end up on the Google snippet. To get there, you might consider having how-to posts or FAQs. To rank higher these days, you need relevant content with good structure. 

Learn Solid Strategies 

The online courses that we offer will give you solid SEO tactics that you can implement in your 2020 SEO campaign. 

Our content marketing master course will help you create content that your audience will read. It will appeal to Google as well. You may also enroll in our copywriting mastery course for more in-depth content creation tactics. 

On the other hand, if you wish to learn SEO and other elements, make sure to sign up for our All Courses VIP access. It starts at $299 a month. Sign up today or call us at  (877) 503-8231.