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Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website rank higher on Google search results page. However, it is an ongoing effort and not a one-time project. Thus, you need to continue to learn SEO and you must never stop. 

Learn SEO to Know What is Outdated 

SEO is an ongoing investment. It is like your company’s assets. They will wear off. The best practices today might become outdated in the next two years. Thus, you must continue investing in it to keep up with the competition. It is especially true if you are in a lucrative industry. 

You should consider it an ongoing effort but you need to increase your activity scheduling ahead. When you enroll in our courses at SEO Academy, you will know how to continuously monitor and improve your SEO signals. 

Our SEO online courses will also teach you how to manage your backlinks. Keep in mind that managing those links must be part of your SEO audit, both on and off-pages. 

learn seo

Competitors are Performing SEO Continuously 

It is just not you who perform SEO. Your competitors are also doing it. And they do so with a lot of resources. They, too, want to be on top of Google’s search results page. 

Thus, they conduct their SEO campaigns using the resources they have. And if you are not doing SEO correctly or you stopped because you have seen positive results already, then your competitors can easily beat you down the road. 

Google Changes Algorithms Regularly

Search engines continue to evolve. Before, ranking on top was a lot easier. You just had to obtain as many links as you could using the same anchor texts. 

But Google and other search engines have already changed their algorithms to fight those deceptive practices. They changed and improved their algorithms to punish those that practice black hat SEO. 

The changes and updates may or may not affect your site. However, if they do hit you, they can surely cause severe damage to your site’s ranking. 

For that reason, you need to have a continuous SEO campaign. You must update your strategies according to the changes in the algorithm. To keep up with your competition, you need to ensure that your site search-engine friendly. 

Update Content Regularly 

Part of your SEO campaign is posting content on your site. Most successful content marketers are updating their content once a week. You may not have the time to post multiple times a day. However, you must at least update your content or publish new content once or twice a week. 

Content is vital in any digital marketing strategy. But you do not just create content. It must be an exceptional content that will make your audience crave for more. You would want them to come back every day to read more posts from you. 

Maintaining Page Ranking 

If you have reached the top search result, you must not stop there. You must continue your SEO campaign and learn SEO to maintain that ranking. To find out more about how to boost your campaign and keep your ranking, please enroll in one of our online courses. Or contact us today at (877) 503-8231