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One of the basics of SEO is optimizing homepages. When you learn SEO through our SEO Academy, we can teach you more than just how to write copy and using keywords on your homepage. But we will also teach you what to put on your homepage to properly optimize it. 

Explain What You Do 

What does your company do? You must explain it concisely, including the product you offer. 

You should make your product clear for your visitors to understand and avoid confusion. That is, you have to set your unique selling point (USP) quickly. 

Then, include rich content. Having a 400-word content on the homepage may do. But you do not have to hit that goal. 

The most vital thing here is that you explain your product and company adequately. If you could do it in just 100 words, then that would be okay. 

learn seo

Include a Small Subset of Keywords 

Avoid using a single keyword. Instead, use a handful of keywords that you wish to rank for. Sprinkle them over your homepage content. 

When you learn SEO today, you will realize that the better approach of incorporating keywords to your homepage is to use several keywords. But ensure that you incorporate them to your site’s theme and brand and insert them naturally. 

To find a subset of keywords, use Google’s Keyword Planner. 

Take Advantage of the Headers 

You need to add a few targeted keywords in your headers naturally. Use the H1 tag on the top. Then, you can start adding H2s to H4s, as needed. 

Add Visuals

Humans are visual-centric. In that case, you need to include a few related images on your homepage. However, you must use them along with small blocks of text. 

Combining images and bodies of text will provide your visitors with nice visual while you give them details of your company or product. It is also an opportunity for you to add rich text, which is good for SEO. 

You may also use a video. But you must only use videos that resonate with your visitors. It could lead to serious backlinks. 

Add Social Proof

It is a vital part of your homepage. We are not just talking about your Facebook fans or Twitter followers but we are also talking about the reviews you have gotten from your satisfied customers/clients. 

The impact of adding your social proof can be dramatic as it gives Google and other search engines some credibility signals. 

You may include your customers’ testimonials and add the icons of the companies you have worked with. 

Learning SEO on your own can be tough. That’s why we put online courses here to help you learn SEO easily. 

You will learn the strategies on how to best use SEO, not just on your homepage, but also throughout your website. 

SEO Academy Courses to Learn SEO the Right Way

Learning the basics will give you ways on how to effectively use digital marketing, on and off of your website. The courses will help you see what you must do to ensure that your site is relevant to your audience. 

Find out more about how to learn SEO with SEO Academy by calling us at (877) 503-8231.