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Before you even launch your website, make sure that you have considered enrolling in our School for SEO to help you better understand how search engine optimization works. Keep in mind that ranking higher in Google is vital but it takes a lot of time to reach that goal. 

If you do not properly implement SEO or if you do not have SEO implementation, you cannot reach your target market and your target audience will not see you. For that reason, it is ideal that you create SEO-friendly content on your site. 

School for SEO on Schema 

Schema is a type of data that allows the search engines to easily parse and interpret the information on your pages. To maximize it, you may directly add elements and attributes to the HTML code. It will assist the crawlers to get more information about your content to help in ranking higher. 

The tips below are useful for your eCommerce website. 

school for seo

Use Alt Tag 

Every image that you use on your page must have an alt tag. This tag can assist in ranking higher in Google, especially Images. When you do use alt tags, they must have your primary keyword and must not include special characters. 

Include Product Schema 

Another thing that you can do to improve your eCommerce content and make it SEO friendly is to ensure that your product listings are schema-friendly. This method can assist in displaying your product along with ratings and reviews. In this way, Google can track it and give it a proper ranking. 

When adding a markup to your product pages, it allows Google in providing detailed product details in search results. 

Add Captions 

You can only add it to your blog content. Captions will help your users understand the images. But they are also useful in giving Google search engine the details of your posts. 

As you write captions, consider the image in focus. The best practice is to define the image and not the main topic. 

Use Secondary Keywords 

As you write content, make sure that you include a secondary keyword and not just a primary keyword. Make sure to balance it out and do not use them too close to each other. 

Add FAQ 

It gives your page a structured data presentation. It is a new feature from the schema markup. It displays your product better in the search results page. This feature includes questions that are related to the product you are describing. The FAQs must be voice searchable as well as SEO-friendly. 

These are just some of the techniques you can implement to help your eCommerce site. When you register in our online courses, you will discover even more advanced techniques on how to boost your eCommerce site’s ranking and produce more SEO-friendly content. Ranking higher in Google can take a lot of time. It may take a year for your site to truly take off. But with the help of our school for SEO, we can guarantee that your site will rank well and increase its traffic in a short period. Contact us for more information about our online courses: (877) 503-8231.