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The goal of our SEO online courses is to assist individuals who wish to learn SEO basics and advanced techniques. It does not matter how you will use or implement what you have learned through our courses. The most important thing here is that you will be learning everything that you must know to perform SEO the right way. 

Search engine optimization is not just about optimizing a site for the search engines but it is also about boosting a brand’s online presence. 

SEO Online Courses for Long-Term Viability 

Did you know that your prospective customers will avoid businesses that have no online presence? If you wish to get online and want to be seen by your target market, you need to promote your brand online, especially on Google Maps. 

seo online courses

Optimizing your business on Google Maps is vital. Doing so can help you rank higher in search. When optimizing your site, your chances for showing up in Google Maps search are higher. 

Marketing your brand on Google Maps can affect how Google sees your business and how it appears in organic search. 

Set Up Google My Business 

It is free to set up your Google My Business. As you create your listing, you are telling Google that your business is real. The main goal here is to allow your business in ranking higher than your competitors. 

There are several factors that Google Maps utilizes to rank results. For example, it uses geographic distance from the user and the business relevant to the search. 

Another thing that this tool will use in deciding how it will present your business to the searcher is the accuracy of your listing. It can help in determining who will appear in the search. Is it your business or your competitor? 

Google Maps also considers positive sentiments. The more good reviews you get from actual consumers, the better your ranking will be. 

Several companies have a system on how to accumulate positive reviews. Every time a person concluded a transaction, the business will ask the customer to give a review. 

Some businesses would ask their customers to give out their reviews after paying. 

No matter how you convince your customers to provide a review, you should always remember to provide a link so that your customers can easily click it and leave a Google review about your business. 

What If You Get a Bad Review 

You should anticipate that you will get a bad review. The reason for this is that you cannot please everyone. If you get a bad review, you should apologize to the critic and accept responsibility. 

Whether it is the reviewer’s fault or not, you should take responsibility and provide a way to make it right. For example, you may offer a coupon or a discount code. 

Do not get defensive when responding to a negative review. You should always demonstrate professionalism when mitigating potential damage. 

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