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Over the last decade, Google’s essential HTML tags have changed. At SEO Academy, we are here to guide you on SEO tagging. 

A decade ago, there were several SEO tags added to a site to make the page or site more relevant to a keyword it is targeting. But the tags’ value has lost over the years. However, there are still those that can directly affect SEO. 

Title Tag

The search engine results page use it to display a preview of a page or post. And it is vital not just for SEO but also for social media sharing. 

This tag must be an accurate title of the page. But it is vital to remember that Google can display different title tags based on what the users inquire or the intent of the searcher. 

As for the structure, there are several theories on the best structure to follow. Some are saying that keywords first while others say that it will not matter much. 

Here at SEO Academy, we believe that the title tag should have keywords but it must be conversational. 

Regarding its length, 70 characters were recommended. However, Google made some changes and defined length by the pixel width of the characters. It provides a limit of 512 pixels. Google will shorten the title tag if you go over this limit. 

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Meta Description 

This is a short description displayed on the search results page. Some of you may ask why the description tag you use is not showing up on search results. Instead, Google displays a different description. 

If the description tag you wrote has the keyword that the searcher used, then the said description will be displayed. In that case, it is vital that you put the primary keyword in your description tag. 

Then again, Google will display a different description based on the query of the searcher. Google will go through a page to find if the keyword the searcher used is present on that page. It then put together the keyword and words on either side. Google uses the combination as the description tag. 

The structure must entice the user to click on your post or page. One trick is to give a short, compelling description of what the searchers can expect on that page. The length of the description can vary but most search engines require less than 160 characters. 

How to Use HTML Tags 

These HTML tags are vital for your SEO efforts. But there are other essential tags that you must consider, like canonical tag, heading tags, etc. All of these could affect your SEO campaign. 

Now, the question is how are you going to use them to your site’s advantage? At SEO Academy, we offer you SEO online courses written by experts in the industry. You can choose to enroll in all courses with VIP access for $299 a month. 

However, if you do not need those courses but you only want to learn, say content marketing and copywriting, you are free to do so. For more inquiries on how to get online SEO courses at SEO Academy, contact us at (877) 503-8231