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Last year, Google made more than 3,000 changes to its search algorithm. Those changes were necessary to ensure that the search results are useful and relevant to users. At SEO Academy, we examined those changes and we found no evidence of Google emphasizing the importance of breadcrumbs. 

Breadcrumbs might not be a search engine ranking factor. After all, most people have only heard it on Hansel and Gretel. But for SEO experts, breadcrumbs can help in optimizing your site for the search engine. Although the effect is not dramatic, it pays to take a look at your site’s breadcrumbs. 

What are Breadcrumbs 

They did not work out so well in the fairy tale. However, they work well in assisting your visitors in navigating your site. In other words, they are used to prevent users from getting lost while browsing. 

As for their SEO effects, breadcrumbs may help, although not directly. Their indirect effects are more than enough to take time to tweak your site and implement breadcrumbs. 

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Pros of Breadcrumbs 

They are vital in helping users better understand how your site works. Breadcrumbs are used to encourage users to investigate deeper your site and find other pages or posts that might be useful for them. 

But how does it affect SEO? When users delve deeper into your site, it is a signal that they enjoy browsing your site. 

These are positive actions that will tell Google that they are having a positive experience. As a result, your site’s bounce rate will go down. And we all know how bounce rate affects your ranking. The lower the bounce rate is, the higher the ranking your pages will get. 

Breadcrumbs are also useful in posting keywords to some pages. They also help search engines in seeing how a page relates to another on your site. If it is used in the hierarchy, it improves SEO on your category pages and the inner part of your pages. 

They are also useful in improving your site’s internal linking structure. As you pair them with contextual linking to other related pages, it will affect positively on off-site SEO. 

Breadcrumbs will also allow Google and other earth engines that what their robots are seeing at is a breadcrumb. This will help users to browse the innermost page on your site. 

Now that you know how breadcrumbs might affect SEO, the next thing you must know is how to optimize them for SEO. 

At SEO Academy, we will give you effective techniques in optimizing them properly. Keep in mind that over-optimization can result in a real penalty. 

It will be advantageous to your site to get rid of certain parts to prevent over-optimizing your site. 

Apart from teaching you how to fully optimize your breadcrumbs for SEO, we will also walk you through mastering content marketing. 

Then, you can enroll in copywriting mastery course, conversion funnel mastery course and eCommerce marketing course. Each course at SEO Academy starts at $99 per month. 

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