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Our SEO online courses at SEO Academy offer important details and lessons on how to create content that can surely get you targeted traffic. Sadly, there are billions of posts and pages being created each day. But only a few of them get search traffic from Google. 

One of the reasons for this is that many SEO issues will prevent your pages from ranking well on Google. 

seo online courses

No Backlinks

It is one of the common reasons why your site or content is not getting search traffic. Backlinks can help your site rank higher on Google. In fact, links are the top ranking factors. 

However, it does not mean that if you have tons of backlinks on your page, you will get the top spot. It could be that the links are not related or that they are not high quality links to the page. 

On the other hand, it is still possible to obtain search traffic to your site despite its zero backlinks. But it can only happen if there are no powerful pages in the results for your target keywords. 

One way to get high search traffic on Google without backlinks is to learn more about Keyword Difficulty. And you can learn all of it through our SEO online courses here at SEO Academy. 


Insufficient Search Traffic Potential 

As mentioned earlier, your page will not get search traffic even if it has tons of backlinks. One of the reasons for this is that you have a shady link building strategy. It falls into black hat SEO strategy and Google hates it. 

If you are not doing black hat SEO yet you are not getting search traffic, then it could be that no one searches for your topic on Google. 

People do not search for topics that they are not aware of. They also do not care about the events that might have happened a few months ago. In that case, they do not search for them. It typically happens in various news-based websites. 

Another reason is that your topic is too generic. In that case, it does not serve the searcher’s intent. 


Learn to Boost Search Traffic with SEO Online Courses 

If you have pages with backlinks but do not have organic traffic, consider analyzing them first. Then, conduct thorough keyword research to find out how to optimize those pages to finally get higher search traffic potential. 

Our SEO online courses tackle a wide array of topics that can help in boosting your search traffic. They are easy to understand and you can implement the strategies right away. 

And if your questions about the topics, you can talk to our SEO experts to give you some assistance. Our online courses also include digital marketing. 

Keep in mind that in today’s scenario, websites must implement both SEO techniques and digital marketing strategies to get the ROI that they want. 


For more effective results and get fast ROI, enroll in our SEO online courses and learn SEO at your own time and pace. Talk to our experts today to know more about the courses that we offer: (877) 503-8231.