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SEO Academy offers SEO online courses made by the best SEO specialists in this field. The courses will give you a better understanding of the SEO basics and the importance of content, how to build quality links, steps on how to attract traffic, etc. 

One of the most popular online courses that we offer is the techniques on how to build traffic.  Getting targeted traffic is vital for any website, regardless of the niche. It will be pointless to have a site that no one visits. 

And when you have traffic, you can easily monetize your site. But how should you attract targeted traffic that can help you boost your conversions and sales? 

seo online courses niche

Content Marketing 

It is a well-known strategy that many SEO experts have sworn by. The idea behind this strategy is to share information for the purpose of attracting the target audience and promoting your brand. 

However, before you can attract targeted traffic, you need to build great content. To achieve it, you need to have expertise in the field you wish to discuss. 

Then, make sure that your content is unique. By unique, it means that you cannot find it anywhere else on the web. Furthermore, the content should provide value to your readers. 


Social Media Marketing

Your content marketing must integrate social media marketing. The majority of smartphone owners now are on social media. If you are not promoting your content on social media, then you are missing out a lot of opportunities. 

Which social media to use? Our SEO online courses will help you pick the right social media platform that is ideal for your niche. Keep in mind that your current niche will affect your success on social media. 

Now, after successfully marketing your website and getting the right traffic, it is time for you to look for ways on how to monetize your website. You may start an eCommerce shop.

Affiliate marketing is also an ideal method of monetizing your website. However, to have a successful affiliate marketing campaign, you need a lot of traffic. You also need to know how to convince your readers to click on the link and buy from the third-party vendor. 


Inserting links on your website is not enough to convince your readers to click on those links. You need to convince them. How? Our SEO experts have included some tricks to compel your visitors to click your affiliate links and actually buy from there. 

You may also choose to sell digital products, like eBook, video courses, and many more. The income you can get from selling them will depend on the quality of your digital content and how you promote it. That’s why it is vital to learn the proper way of promoting your website and products to help you monetize your site. 


At SEO Academy, we offer different SEO online courses that will help you build huge traffic, thereby, making it easier for you to monetize your site. One of the courses we offer is social and community mastery course. You may also choose our paid traffic mastery course. To know more about the other courses you can enroll, please call us at  (877) 503-8231.