Featured Snippets are taking over the SERP. A lot of marketers want to be featured in that spot that’s why they enroll in our SEO Academy to learn SEO in-depth. Keywords or key phrases with featured snippets are getting more than 8% clicks while 19% is from the organic search result. You can get a load of traffic to your site without having to obtain backlinks or create new content.

It is getting more difficult to get a higher rank on the search engine. For that reason, it is ideal to look at the benefits of Featured Snippets after you have optimized your site. But what are featured snippets exactly? They are a type of Google search results. These snippets display a summary of a page to answer a query. What makes it a beneficial tool in driving traffic to your site is that it appears at the top of the results page.

Ranking number 1 for a keyword will help you earn a spot in a featured snippet. It will also increase your click-through rate up to 28%. It makes featured snippets useful in targeting high-quality search rankings. The reason for this is that they do a great job of providing answers to users. They do not just display information but they also identify user queries about your business.


Getting Your Content to Appear on Featured Snippets

When you learn SEO from SEO Academy, you will know all the tricks there are to assist your content in appearing Featured Snippets.

1. Answer Questions

One of the best ways to increase the likelihood of your site appearing on Featured Snippets is to create content that answers questions. But the answers must be in-depth. Keep in mind that these snippets are informational. Google searches through numerous sites to search for content that best answers its user’s questions. After finding that content, it will display it through a featured snippet to make it easier for users to find the details they want. In that case, you must know the questions of your audience and customize your content to answer those questions.

2. Search the Questions

Most questions that may appear on Featured Snippets would have phrases, such as how does, how to, what is and how to. Thus, do not just target the general keyword. Rather, opt to use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords may mimic a query that the user may likely to type into Google. To find those queries, simply visit the Google search box. Then, type a question that your audience might ask. Google will give you some suggestions. Any of those suggestions could be a great topic that might increase the likelihood of getting in the snippets.

Want to know more about how to add your site to featured snippets? Danny Star and his team of SEO specialists will teach you more strategies on how to get that spot on featured snippets. The online courses featured at SEO Academy are updated to help our students learn SEO basics and advanced topics, including featured snippets. To sign up to the online courses, please call us at (877) 503-8231.