SEO Tricks

Implementing changes and trying out new SEO tricks on your website can be scary. But changes are necessary, especially if your conversion rate is going down. Every change has its own risks. However, If you really wish to increase conversions on your site, you need to explore new territories but with calculated risks, at least. Since every website is different, you need to track the changes using an A/B testing software to know which strategies are working and which ones aren’t. Given below are some of the best SEO tricks that you can try to get better leads.


Call to action

Call to action is one of the most parts of any website. You want to be sure that it is clear and visible. Choose a color that appears better on the background of your page. You may use a CTA color that isn’t used on your page. In this way, it’ll surely stand out and draw attention. Putting your call-to-actions above the fold will also boost conversions. When you change it, it’ll increase your CTRs by up to 41 percent.

seo tricks

Avoid automatic image sliders

No matter how much they look good, they negatively affect conversions. Image carousels may look cool, but they won’t allow your visitors to explore your site at their own pace. Instead of using these sliders, try a static offer.


Don’t use stock photos

Always remember that the purpose of your site is not just to look beautiful but to achieve certain objectives of your business. Instead of using cheesy stock photos, try to use actual pictures. It’ll undoubtedly increase signups by up to 35 percent. The reason for this is that your visitors want to deal with humans. That said, try to use real people, instead of stock photos.


Use a video

But don’t add videos that you obtained from YouTube. Instead, create your own videos. They can be instructional videos or product display. However, your videos shouldn’t be long. Instead, stick to two to three-minute video so your visitors won’t get bored. Make sure that they’re short and precise as no one will have time to watch long videos.


Use clear headlines

One of the most noticeable things on your site is the headline. When you get it right, it can boost your conversion by up to 89 percent.


Show your phone number using huge font

Make sure that your company’s phone number is visible on your homepage header. In this way, your visitors won’t miss it. It’ll also add credibility to your site. Apart from that, it assures people that your company is approachable if they have concerns or issues about your products or services.

Try these simple SEO tricks to generate more leads for your business.