Conversion Optimization Hacks You Must Try

Conversion Optimization Each time a person visits your site, you want him to perform a particular action. Every time a user performs the desired action, it’s considered a conversion. If he doesn’t, it’s probably time for you to tweak your website. In this post, we talk about some strategies that can improve your conversion optimization.  …

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Why Link Building is Still Vital for SEO Marketing?

Link Building Google’s updates may give you the impression that link building is no longer necessary or not as vital as it was before. Some blogs stated that links no longer matter. Others even said that SEO marketing is dead. But they’re all wrong.You need to know the truth about links. If you don’t, and you’ll…

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seo academy classes for small businesses

SEO for Small Business Benefits You Must Know

In the next three years, businesses that optimize their site for the search engines will grow 40 percent faster than companies that don’t. SEO for small business offers tons of benefits. You may think that it’s an exaggeration to say that if your business doesn’t practice SEO, then it’s in far worse situation than firms…

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wordpress online classes

WordPress Classes in Los Angeles

WordPress is undoubtedly a premiere CMS (Content Management System). It’s a platform of choice for those who wish to have a user-friendly site that’s also easy to set up. If you’re not sure how to configure a site powered by this platform, then you should consider attending WordPress classes in Los Angeles.  WordPress classes will…

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WordPress logo

Why Must You Learn WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular option as a CMS (Content Management System). WordPress was just a blogging platform. These days, however, it serves a variety of purposes. It can power an eCommerce site, corporate site, and even a bank. This CMS offers a lot of opportunities for website owners. In this post, you’ll learn about…

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learn seo with seo academy

Learn SEO and Polish Up Your Knowledge

Are you new to SEO? You can learn SEO on your own. SEO.Academy offers comprehensive information you need to help you implement professional quality SEO. When you learn SEO, you need to know what exactly it is. Essentially, it’s a marketing discipline that focuses on increasing your site’s visibility in non-paid SERP. It includes the…

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